Andfair launches organic silk scarves with inspiration of life

Andfair have worked with fashion and design fro more than five years. Always with inspiration of a more sustainable environment and lifestyle. Andfair started out as a webshop introducing sustainable fashion brands such as Kowtow and Aiayu in Sweden. Now it’s time for Andfair to launch our own line of sustainable luxury accessories. A collection of organic silk scarves that reminds us that it is ok to be fragile, yet beautiful, strong and powerful.

”My passion is both the environmental and social aspects of sustainability. We want to inspire to a more sustainable lifestyle through our design” says Annika Göth Nilsson, founder and creative director at Andfair. ”This is why I’m really proud to finally launch our own collection of silk scarves with graphic print inspired of life, feelings and love.”

Annika Göth Nilsson, creative director and founder.

Andfair works exclusively with our own design. The new collection offers silk scarves in 100 % organic silk certified with GOTS. The scarves is designed for contemporary people. People that has a relaxed attitude to style and fashion. Andfair finds inspiration from life and highlights the feeling of being a fragile, yet beautiful, strong and powerful human being. Andfair is sustainable luxury, items with very high quality produced with love and respect to both people and nature.

According to Andfair there are no limits of how a person should dress. This first collection with unisex accessories is a tight collection consisting two graphic prints. A reminder of life and the feeling of going from broken to healed. As a story of one persons life puzzle, where every part counts.

Beauty beyond the cracks

Broken but complete

Organic silk

Organic and biodynamic silk production uses no chemicals on the mulberry plants, which is the home and food of the silkworms. This means that the silkworms are better nourished. A gentle production gives better silk quality and sustainable production standards applies to the people who work with the production as well. The workers are not exposed to dangerous chemicals and they have overall good working conditions through the whole chain.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and photos.