Made with love and respect.


Andfair started out as a webshop in the spring 2013, selling sustainable fashion from brands all over the world. We were among the first to bring some of the most interesting sustainable fashion brands to Sweden, Scandinavia and some even to Europe. After some years we felt it was time to do something else. In the beginning of 2017 we started to plan for our own accessory line. We finally found the most perfect organic silk quality with GOTS-certification and decided that this was the right thing to do.

We preach slow fashion. To us slow fashion means choose well, love the item and take good care of it so it will have a long lasting life. Therefor it's really important that it's made with high quality and with sustainable production methods.

Andfair, sustainable luxury, takes inspiration from life and wants to highlight the feeling of being a fragile but yet a beautiful, strong and powerful human being. We work exclusively with our own designs and choose to produce our products with love and care for both people and nature. Our main goal in production is to use material from were there are high standards of material knowledge. This means we sometimes have production far away and sometimes just next door. We love the possibilities of dealing with other countries as long as it’s made with respect to people and nature.

We want to grow slowly and will add styles gradually. Our products are seasonless and the prints will be produced in limited edition. In this way we will break loose from the traditional fashion industry were seasons and collections still are standards.

We build Andfair on design, quality and sustainability.

Peace & Love ANDFAIR.
Love your neighbour AB

Our material

Our silk products are made in the Chinese province of Szechuan and are GOTS certified. Using biodynamic agricultural methods when growing mulberry trees for the silkworms makes better silk quality. Since biodynamic agricultural means no chemicals the silkworms are better nurished than in the conventional silk industry. Better food quality for the silkworms generates higher silk quality in the end. Biodynamic agriculture improves the environment in the long term.

About GOTS

GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard, is one of the leading standards for textiles made of organic material. The standard has strict criteria along the entire supply chain of the textile, both regarding the materials and the social aspect.